Set Holidays On The Calendar

The  Holidays setting lets you set major holidays and additional non-work days. Holidays need to be created every year, they do not automatically roll to the next year.

You can designate any day as a holiday in the system. If there's a day that nobody in your company will be working, make it a holiday. That way people will see that activities shouldn't be scheduled on that day, and auto-schedule will skip over it as well. After creating a new Holiday, any Auto-Scheduled activities falling on that date will automatically be re-scheduled.

View changes made to the Holiday settings by using the Change Log feature.

  1. Go to Settings > Calendar > Holidays
  2. Press +Create at the top
  3. Enter the Name and Date for your holiday and press Save
  4. To see changes made to the list of Holidays, click on the Change Log icon from the top menu bar.