Systemize Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Systemize! Check out the Systemize How-To Videos section to get started quickly.

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  1. Create Activity Types
    Activities keep track of what needs to happen, when it will happen, and who is responsible.
  2. Create Assignees
    Assignees are not the same as Users. There is no charge for Assignees, they can be individuals, teams, or even equipment. Activities get assigned to Assignees, so it's easy to see who is responsible to get Activities completed.
  3. Create An Account
    Every Job in Systemize must be in an Account. You can create Accounts for builders, designers, homeowners, or other groupings.
  4. Edit An Existing Job Form
    Systemize has default Job Forms built in, they hold details about the Job and Activities. Forms can be created, modified, or removed. They are customizable, you decide what information should go into each Form. There are a variety of Form Field types to choose from, like auto-number, date, currency, list of values, number, and text entry.
  5. Job Templates
    Job Templates allow you specify what Activities and Forms need to go into every Job.
  6. Create A Job
    Entering Jobs is the best way to get familiar with Systemize. Start entering real jobs or make up practice ones. Either way, adding the information that is important for how work moves through your shop will help establish your Systemize habits.
  7. Schedule Activities
    Enter dates, times, and Assignees to keep track of when and how work is going to happen in Jobs.
  8. Enter Details In Forms
    Forms hold information about the Job like countertop details, provide checklists, and can be part of printed packets. They are a place to gather information about Jobs that can also be analyzed later.
  9. Attach Related Files
    Customer drawings, CAD files, shop drawings, signed contracts, all those can be uploaded into a Job to keep information organized.
  10. Use Job Issues
    Think of Job Issues like the sticky notes that went into, or on, paper file folders. Job Issues can flag items in a Job, and you never need to worry about them accidentally falling off.
  11. Intro To Calendar Views and Intro To Job Views
    Calendars and Job Views can be customized in countless ways to best display information for different people. You can select the format of the Calendar View, which Fields to show, and what columns to display in Job Views.
  12. Create Users & Assign Roles
    Take time to think about who needs to login to to do work in Systemize, and what they will need to do. Every User must have a Role assigned. You can use the default Roles in Systemize, edit them, or create new ones.