Tracking Sales Leads In Systemize Overview

When Do You Start Tracking Customers in Systemize?

Most of our customers initially start entering customer information into Systemize the moment they start working on a new Job. They win the business and then enter the new Job. All of the relevant Activities needed to perform the work are managed until the Job is successfully completed.

Can Your Sales Process Get More Efficient?

More of our customers are asking about taking advantage of Systemize earlier in their business process. They use Systemize as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to track sales leads and schedule follow up sales activities.

There is even a software company that tracks its sales leads using Systemize. That company is Moraware! We’re not countertop fabricators but, like every company, we have customers and prospects and we need to track all of the associated history and future activities. We’ve found that Systemize works very well for this purpose. Using the Systemize Lead Process makes our sales process more efficient and actionable. We can tell who we talked to, when, and about what, over many years.

We can also tell what sales actions we’ve performed that worked and also those we won’t try again—like selling our software door-to-door. We’ve tried it and it doesn’t work… and Systemize confirms that it’s worked exactly 0 times. On a positive note, we’ve found that industry events are a great way to meet new people and have meaningful discussions that uncover if they can benefit from our products. We attend these events and then enter the contact info of people from the different companies we’ve met into Systemize. If they call us at a later date, we’ll know the history of the conversation we had with them. Or we can follow up with them a few weeks after the event to see if they have additional questions. Scheduling this follow up call happens just like scheduling an install, but associated with a Lead, instead of a Job. When a prospect purchases from us, they are converted to a Job and we then schedule an onboarding call and record support emails and calls for that customer.

Does your Company have a Sales Process?

Regardless of size, pretty much every company in every industry does a series of actions to get new business. From smaller fabricators where the owner is the person templating and also responsible for other things like Payroll, Operations, and Sales to larger companies that have multiple locations and a dedicated sales force -- all companies perform tasks related to sales that are much more effective if tracked and scheduled.

Systemize can track those sales activities, tie them to a Lead, which can then be converted to a Job upon making the sale. The beauty of this conversion is that Jobs retain sales history, so it’s no longer just about tracking template to install, but really knowing that customer, their preferences, and their behavior during the sales process.

And perhaps best of all, unlike having to pay hundreds of dollars per month for a separate CRM application, sales lead tracking is included at no additional charge with your Systemize subscription. It’s simply a matter of turning it on and incorporating the use of the software in the process you use to track interactions and follow-ups with prospective customers.