Translate Moraware Articles To Other Languages

Are you looking for articles in another language? Currently  Moraware software and support content is in English only. There are several ways your browser can assist with translating what is on a web page. Listed below are options some of our customers have had good results using.

We are pleased to suggest these work arounds, but any questions about using third-party software or extensions needs to be directed to the Help Centers for those products.


Google Translate Extension - Add the extension to Chrome for quick access to Google Translate. Once the extension is added, click the Extensions Manager and pin Google Translate to the menu bar. Click the Google Translate extension icon and past a web page URL into the box.

Google Translate - If you prefer not to add an extension to Chrome, translate a page using this site. Check that English is selected in the box on the left, select your preferred language above the field on the right. Copy and paste the URL of the page into the box the left then click the URL on the right to go to a translated page.

Google Translate Help - translate web pages or documents. 

Google Chrome Language Settings - Change your language settings in Chrome to assist with translation.


From the Firefox Browser Add-ons page, search for Translate Web Pages and Add To Firefox.

There is an option to have the extension always translate web pages, or you can choose individually.