Use Consistent Activity Types

In general, we discourage fabricators from creating separate Activity Types for different kinds of Jobs.

For example, you might think it's a good idea to create "Retail Install" and "Builder Install", or "Natural Stone Template" and "Natural Stone Fabrication" as separate Activities from "SS Template" and "SS Fabrication." It's not usually a good idea, and we discuss why below.

We've worked with thousands of fabricators, and each one is different. If you'd like to talk through your work flow, email to set up a few minutes to talk.

  1. One advantage of working with Systemize is that you can display the total square feet for different Activities on the top of each day in Calendar Views. Many fabricators find this feature useful for capacity planning. If you have several different types of Activities, however, you will have different totals at the top of each day, which may be confusing.

  2. Reports can only be run on one Activity at a time. For example, if you want to generate a Report on Jobs based on Install Activities, how many square feet installed per week for the last 6 month, you would only be able to run a Report on one type of Install at a time, and then add the numbers manually. 

  3. You might also find the Job Views less useful if you have several separate columns for each type of an Activity, reducing the usefulness of the overall view.