Video: Access Your Database


  • How your database URL is created
  • Where to find your URL


Are you having trouble accessing your database?  Sometimes customers try to log into “”.  Each customer database is unique. There's no way to log in from our website.

When you subscribed, our Sales Team helped you determine your database name.  Typically, it's your company name with no spaces, followed by ""  And note that the URL ends with ".net", instead of ". com".

Your database URL was provided in the welcome email you received after subscribing.  From that email, you can click on the link directly or type it into a browser. 

Once you do log in, bookmark the page for quick access in the future.

If you are an existing customer who recently added a new product, your log in is the same as it was before.  All your Moraware products connect with each other within your original database.

If you've forgotten your URL, or can’t find the welcome email, send a message to our friendly support specialists at