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Hi. Welcome to Systemize videos. This video will show you how to set up and use the Auto-Schedule feature. Auto-Schedule is used to automatically assign a date to an Activity based on the date of another Activity. Auto-Scheduled Activities can be manually adjusted in Jobs and will prevent unscheduled Activities. There are two parts to setting up Auto-Schedule. The Activity Status must be set to Auto-Schedule and a Dependency must also be created.

Go to Settings, Job, Activity Types. If the Activity does not already exist, click on the Create button and add it. For existing Activities, click on the name of the Activity and select Auto-Schedule as the Status. Click on the Add Dependency button from the top. Select the Activity you just marked as Auto-Schedule.

Next, you will select the Activity to schedule from, and if it should be before or after that Activity. In this example, I want Invoice to be Auto-Scheduled after Install by one workday. Uncheck "Also Apply Reverse Dependency" to prevent the Dependency running in both directions. Leave, "Ignore For Auto-Schedule" unchecked. If checked, you will receive a warning when a Dependency rule is violated, but does not have a date automatically assigned.

Auto-Schedule Dependencies are assigned based on the work hours you set for your database. If you need help with setting workdays, work hours, and scheduling hours, check out "Set Work Days And Work Hours On Calendar" in the Systemize T.

If the Dependency is set to some number of days after another Activity, it will show up in the first available work hour. If it's set up to some number of days before another Activity, it will be in the last available work hour. If it's set to start directly after another Activity, it shows up immediately afterward.

If the Activity duration is blank Auto-Schedule scheduled it for 30 minutes by default. Let's look at Auto-Schedule Activities in a Job. I'll create a new Job from my standard Template, which includes the Invoice Activity. If you made a new Activity Type, you'll need to add that to your Job Template. The Systemize Knowledge Base has more details on Job Templates. More than one Activity is using Auto-Schedule, so I'll start by adding my Template date.

All my Job Activities, have a date and will appear in Job views and on Calendars. I can manually change an Auto-Scheduled Activity here in the Job Details. If I change the Install date, I need to select a Status other than Auto-Schedule. Otherwise it will default back to the original date.

This customer requested this Install date. So I'll mark it Confirmed. Any Activity scheduling off this one will automatically change, like Invoice.

Drag and drop an Auto-Scheduled Activity in a Calendar View to change the date. Or click on an Activity date in a Job view to make changes.

Check out the Systemized Knowledge Base for more articles and videos.

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