Video: Create A Job


  • Jobs & Accounts (0:17)
  • Builder & Dealer Accounts (0:28)
  • Homeowner & Standalone Jobs (0:34)
  • Create a Job (0:48)
  • Create an Account (1:01)
  • Job Details Page (1:10)
  • Job & Account Address (1:37)
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Hi, let's get started in Systemize by creating a Job. Gather the information for a Job you're ready to schedule.

Before you begin, decide on how you're going to name Jobs and Accounts to keep them consistent. This will help with searching and sorting Jobs later on.

Every Job must be assigned to an Account. Accounts can be builders, dealers, or individual homeowners whatever's best for the way you do business. If you work with builders or dealers, it makes sense to create Accounts for those builders and dealers and assign individual Jobs to them.

For homeowners or other standalone Jobs, we recommend creating an individual Account. It requires one more step while creating the Job, but it will make reporting managing contacts and creating mailing lists easier.

Let's make a Job. Click on Jobs, then the Create button from the top of the page. Enter the Job Name.

If you already have Accounts in your database, start typing the name in the Account Field to bring it up. If you need to create an Account, click on the More button. Then click the Add icon to enter and save a new Account.

Once you save the Job Name and Account, Systemize opens the Job Details page. This is where you can access all the information about an individual Job in one place. Job and Account information, Activities, Forms, CounterGo Quotes and Orders, if you also have Countergo, attached Files, Phases, and Job Issues are all found here.

Click on any Edit icon to enter information. In this example this is an individual homeowner, so I created an Account for them. In this case, the Account address is the same as the Job address.

Entering Jobs is the best way to get familiar with Systemize. Start entering real Jobs or makeup practice ones. Either way, adding information that's important for how work moves through your shop will help establish your Systemize habits.

There are more videos and articles in the Systemize Knowledge Base. If you have questions or would like to chat with one of our friendly Systemize experts, email Thanks for stopping by.