Video: Create, Duplicate, Edit Job Forms


  • Create a new Form 0:17
  • Duplicate a Form 0:33
  • Move a Field 0:50
  • Add Fields 1:02
  • Format Fields 1:05
  • Open existing Forms 1:25
  • Form updates in existing Jobs 1:34
  • Add a new Form to an existing Job 1:42


Hi, welcome to Systemize videos. Let's take a look at creating and editing Forms.

Go to Settings, Job, Job Forms. There are a few Forms built into your Systemize database. To help you get started. New Forms can be added by clicking on the Create button, and they are empty when created.

Click in the header area to make changes.

Click in the lower area to add Form Fields. Many of our customers prefer to duplicate an existing Form and make changes. Click on the name of any existing Form. Open the Form Info by clicking the Edit icon. Click on the duplicate icon and name the Form, then it will immediately open for you to make changes.

Click and hold inside any Field to move it. Two blue arrows with an orange line will appear to indicate where the Field is being placed.

Use the Add icon to add Fields. Click inside a Field to format the style, things like the font alignment, the color of the field and the width of the field.

Two useful items to consider using are Show Only On Printable View, and Hide Field When Blank.

Existing Forms can be opened with a few clicks. Under Settings, Job, Job Forms, click on the name of a Form to edit. When fields are added or modified in existing Forms, those Forms automatically update in existing Jobs. New Forms are not automatically added to existing Jobs, but can be added manually.

I'll go to Jobs and open an existing Job. Click the Add icon, then select the Form to add.

Check out the Systemize Knowledge Base for more articles and videos.

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