Video: Create & Manage Job Activity Types


  • What are Job Activities
  • Keep Activity Statuses updated 
  • Job completion 
  • Create a Job Activity 
  • Job Activities in Processes
  • Re-order Job Activities 
  • Edit a Job Activity
  • Edit options explained
  • Inactivate a Job Activity
  • Job Activities and Templates
  • Help scheduling and updating Activities 


Hi, welcome to Systemize videos. This video will show you how to create. Edit and manage Job Activity Types. 

Most users refer to Job Activity Types, simply as Activities.  They can include things related to sales, production steps, and follow up. Job Activities are the things that get assigned to a person or a piece of equipment, and will happen on a particular day and or time. It's best to update Activity Statuses as they change in real time to keep critical Job information current.

Keeping Activities updated also allows you to complete Jobs and move them off the Calendar. In order for a Job to be considered complete in Systemize every Activity in the Job must have a Status of complete or canceled.

So create new Activity Types, sparingly.  Some of the most common Activities have already been created in your Systemize database. Many users don't add more, but they do customize certain features.

Let's create an Activity and look at those features. Go to Settings, Job, Activity Types. Click on the Create New Activity Type button at the top.  Enter the name of the Activity and the description if you'd like.

By default, the new Activity is added to the Job Process. If you use more than one Process, like Leads, you can decide if the Activity needs to be available in that Process too.

Now that the Activity is created, let's get it in the correct order before modifying other features. Click on any underlined number in the Sequence Column. Then click, hold, and drag to move the Activity higher or lower. This will determine where it appears in drop-down lists.

I'll customize this Activity to save time later. Clicking on any Activity Name opens the Edit Activity Type dialog box. This is where I can select options that will automatically fill in when the Activity is created.  Assigning a color is helpful for organizing Calendar Views.

I plan to set up a dependency for this Activity so that it automatically schedules off of another Activity. I'll select Auto-Schedule as the Status. For more information on dependencies visit the Systemize Knowledge Base.

If an Activity usually takes about the same amount of time set a Duration. Setting an estimated Duration helps when scheduling your crews and machinery. And when using the Auto-Schedule feature.  The Activity Duration can always be manually changed in any Job.

The Activity I created is usually assigned to one person in my shop. So I'll select their name now. Each time this Activity is created in a Job, it will automatically be assigned to them. And it can be manually changed in any Job.

If there are Activities that are no longer being used, click on the Activity Name, then check Inactivate. This will keep the Activity associated with previous Jobs, but prevent its use going forward.

Job Activities can be added to Job Templates. When a Job's created from a Job Template, those Activities will automatically be added.

Visit the Systemize Knowledge Base for more on creating and using Job Templates.

If you need help scheduling Activities, watch the Schedule and Update Job Activities. Video.

If you have more questions or would like to chat with one of our friendly Systemize experts, email Thanks for stopping by.