Video: Create & Use Job Templates


  • Why use Job Templates? 0:05
  • Change Template display order 0:16
  • Create a new Job Template 0:27
  • Add Activities or Forms to a Process 0:39
  • Edit existing Job Templates 1:19
  • Create a Job from a Template 1:40


Hi, let's create, edit and use Job Templates. Using Job Templates will save you time by automatically adding Activities and Forms to a Job when it's created. You can create new Templates or modify existing ones as Activities and Forms are added or inactivated.

Click on any underlying Sequence number, and you can change the order Templates are displayed in drop down lists. Let's make a new Template.

Go to Settings, Job, Templates, then click the Create button. Name the Template and select the Activities and Forms you want added to the Job each time this Template is used.

When adding Activity Types and Forms to Templates, they need to be part of the Process that the Template is used in. How can you tell? When you add the Activity or Form to the Template check to make sure that there is a "Yes" in the Process column. If it says"No", the Activity or Form needs to be added to the Process.

It's a quick fix. Go to Settings, Job Activity Types. Find the Activity, look all the way over to the right under the Process you are making the Template for, and click the word "No" to add the Activity.

Repeat the same steps for Job Forms if needed.

New Activities and Forms can be added to existing Job Templates with a few clicks. Back to Settings, Templates, click on the Template name, and add or remove Activities and Forms. This will change in every Job made from the modified Template.

For existing Jobs, the new Activity must be manually added to each Job. I'm ready to create a Job using this Template. I'll go to Jobs, then Create. The Activities and Forms in the Template are automatically added to the Job. Check out the Systemize Knowledge Base for more articles and videos.

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