Video: From Quote To Job


  • Create a Quote (0:08)
  • Payment Terms (0:22)
  • Convert a Quote to an Order (0:30)
  • Order Views (0:33)
  • Record A Payment (0:45)
  • Export To QuickBooks (0:51)
  • Create a Job from the Order (0:55)
  • Activity Packets & Forms (1:11)
  • Order Info In Reports & Calendar Views (1:22)
  • Schedule Activities (1:31)
  • Additional Resources (1:42)
  • Contact Moraware (1:48)


Hi, are you wondering how CounterGo and Systemize work together? I'm going to show you how to go from Quote to a completed Job.

Let's get started by making a Quote. I'll draw an L-shaped counter with an island. I'm going to keep this simple. So I'll only add a sink cutout in Step Four, then select my Material, Color and Edge in Step Five.

I set up Payment Terms ahead of time, so a quick look at the Quote Summary shows the amounts due and when. 

Once my customer decides to go forward, I'll convert this Quote to an Order. Orders Views can be customized, just like Quote Views and show additional information like Payment Status, Total Due, Total Paid and Square Footage.

Now I'll record the initial deposit my customer left to secure the job. Tracking my transactions in Orders will also allow me to export directly to QuickBooks.

I'm ready to create a Job directly from this Order. You can start a Job  from a Quote, but using Orders will pull information like Price, Total Square Feet, Material, Color, Splash, Edge, and Sinks directly into the Job.

If you start all your Jobs in CounterGo, this Order info can now be used in Reports, and then the Calendar subtotals.

Now that I have my Job created, I can schedule Activities and track Job progress. Remember to complete Activities as they happen so that the Job can be considered complete.

We have lots of additional information in both the CounterGo and Systemize Knowledge Bases for more detailed steps. If you'd like to chat with one of our friendly  experts, send us an Thanks for stopping by.