Video: How Systemize Works


  • Accounts & Jobs
  • What's in a Job
  • Overview of Activities, Forms, and Files


Welcome to Systemize. This video is a quick overview of how Systemize works.  

Each Systemize database is unique. The information you enter into your database can only be accessed by users you assign, and they can only make the changes you give them permission to do. 

Every Job in Systemize has to have an Account. An Account can have one Job , like an individual homeowner, a couple Jobs, like a repeat customer, or many Jobs like a big box store. Jobs consists of Activities, Forms and Files. Larger Jobs, maybe broken into phases to manage work over longer periods of time.  

Activities appear in Jobs and on Calendars.  They determine what needs to happen to take a Job from beginning to completion and show at a glance where a Job is in your process. The status of the Activities in a Job, determine if a Job is complete. Jobs with all Activities completed are considered to be done. 

Forms hold information you enter about the Job like material information, or other important details. Both Forms and Activities are customizable to fit your business process. 

 Files can be any external items that you need to be attached to a Job, like a scan of a signed contract, other PDFs, or images. 

 You'll tell systemize what Activities and Forms are needed in your Job via Job Templates. Additional Activities and Forms can be added just a few clicks.  

Global navigation is located along the left-hand side and can be pinned, open or closed for more screen space. Navigation relative to where you are in your database and what you can do will appear along the top. 

The Systemize Knowledge Base has lots of how to articles and videos is continuously updated.

Our friendly Systemize experts are always happy to help you customize your database to ensure your success. The quickest way to get in touch with us or set up a call is to email Thanks for stopping by.