What Is A Job Process?

Systemize allows you to create additional Processes to track multiple sets of activities within your business independently.

Process is most commonly used to track Sales separate from production. Creating another Process will allow you to track particular activities and information separate from active Jobs.

  • When a new Process is created, a menu item will appear in the left side navigation menu.
  • ActivitiesForms and Job Fields can be created and associated with that Process.
    For example, a Sales Lead Process could contain Activities like Sales Call and E-mail, plus a Lead Field called Lead Source.  
  • After adding a Process, like a Lead, new Leads are created in the same manner new Jobs are created.
  • When it's time for a Sales Lead to become a Job, a single button click converts the Lead to a Job.
    Once a Job, you can access the full history, including previous Sales Lead Activities, Forms and Fields.
  • Process security access is shared with Job security access. A User with access to edit Activities in Jobs can also edit Activities in Leads.
  • Job-related Reports may need to be modified to exclude the newly defined Process.